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    Handblown Glass Eggs

    Free-blown glass eggs in rich jewel colours that catch and reflect the light. They brighten a dark corner or enhance a sunny windowsill. Available from Handblown Glass Collection.

  • /products/the-kitchen-garden-range
    Kitchen Garden Tableware

    Hand-painted motifs of market vegetables from sunny Tuscany adorn this lovely tableware. Tactile yet surprisingly robust and exclusive to us. Available from The Tableware Collection.

  • /products/helen-lloyd-elliott-collection-coming-soon
    Hand-painted Decorative Panels

    An array of exquisite new designs by super-talented artist Helen Lloyd-Elliott. Panels made to your specification on paper, fabric, leather or wood. Available from The Wallpaper Collection.

  • /products/dog-mug
    Tuscan Tiles

    Unusual and beautiful terracotta tiles finished with beeswax. Heatproof for use on table or hang on wall. Available from The Tile Collection.

  • /products/dimple-tumblers
    Citrine Candlesticks

    Give your home a hit of acid yellow with these wonderful candlesticks. Available from The Candleholder Collection.

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